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The safety of your data is our mission!


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With Software as a Service, SWISS DATALINK AG provides the affiliated companies with more flexibility and greater security. Licensing, program management, maintenance and support of applications and infrastructure are handled by SWISS DATALINK AG for you. SWISS DATALINK solutions lead to a significant cost advantage, especially for KMU.


Common security and privacy regulations cause company concerns. However, the question arises as to whether the security measures of KMUs in their own server room are comparable to the standards of a professional data center?


SWISS DATALINK has specialists and highest standard puncture safety. Be it with regard to network connection, maintenance, backup or maintenance.


SWISS DATALINK can provide you with various platforms.


Benefits with SaaS at a glance


  • Maintain maintenance and upgrades of the user software centrally
  • Can be used directly and without installation
  • Simplify and improve business IT processes
  • Low investment risk and precisely calculable costs



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