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Infrastructure as a Service forms the basis of every cloud architecture. Our model provides basic IT resources such as processing power, storage or network capacity. The resources provided can be used individually or as a whole as a platform. Such as for application hosting..


Obtain the complete infrastructure for your IT systems from our Swiss data center. From the firewall to the backup we tune functionality and performance perfectly according to your needs. You benefit from maximum security and transparent costs.


Without having to make additional investments in your own IT infrastructure, you can obtain the resources you need with IAAS from SWISS DATALINK AG to the extent required.


Benefits with IAAS at a glance


  • High computing power, flexibility of infrastructure and high availability
  • Transparent billing model according to the type and extent of your needs
  • Full IT environment with server, storage, backup and network capabilities
  • Highly standardized services bring cost advantages
  • Guaranteed availability according to predefined service level
  • Certified data centers ensure maximum availability and security


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