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Dedicated Server


Dedicated Server - Company Server according to your needs.





A dedicated server configured to your liking


You want your own server, which we configure according to your wishes? We provide you with brand servers and components and manage them apon your request via our managed services.

You get a dedicated server, which is exclusively available to you. Depending on your wishes, we place it in the desired security level. Accessability and safety comes first.

Choose from various components for your desired server and we will provide it to you in a short time with the desired operating system.


- Server from brand components
- full adminstrator access
- own software and databases
- Access from anywhere
- Backup options


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  1. Dedicated Server - configure

    Dedicated Server - configure

    Up to 64 GB of workspace
    Server location Switzerland
    Own server hardware without virtualized components
    Dedicated computing power
    Including iBMC interface
    Linux or Windows Server 2016
    Local support and support
    Available with SSD Learn More

    CHF 46.00
    Rechnungsinterval - Monthly

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