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The safety of your data is our mission!

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"We cannot prevent data loss, but we can help you stay safe".




Swiss Datalink

Data Room 1

Mehr als nur Backup!



Ihr Daten Tresor

Ihre Daten in unserem Tresor Raum!

"Save Data" im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes!



Swiss Datalink

Data Room 2

Ihr Server Zuhause!



Server Dienstleistungen

Server Housing, Dedicated Hosting, Backup, Mailserver

und IT Dienstleistungen gehören zu unseren Kernkompetenzen.

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Virtuelle &
dedicated Server
Virtuelle und dedizierte Server nach Ihren Wünschen!
Egal ob Windows oder Linux Variante.


Save Data

Your data in our vault! "Save Data" in the truest sense of the word! In addition you can deposit your data physically in our safe.

Virtual and physical servers

We provide you with your virtual and dedicated server according to your wishes. No matter if Windows or a Linux variant..

Server services

Server Housing, Dedicated Hosting, Backup, Mail Server, Server Monitoring and IT Services are among our core competencies. Let us make you a non-binding offer.







-- Six important questions about your data security and infrastructure. --


How important is your data?

  For you as a company your electronic data is most important today! Whether it is customer or production data is irrelevant.

No orders, invoices, bookkeeping or customer data up to a total production loss.

Can you afford a failure? In the worst case, a complete data loss?


We will gladly advise you and develop a strategy analysis for you.

Data security given?
Recovery ensured?
Production loss acceptable?

Is your data secure?


Your data is one of the most important assets of your company. How safe are they kept?
Fire, theft, vandalism or sabotage are an issue. Your data is more important than ever. A loss of production can jeopardize the existence of a company. Make sure you have recourse to a backup at all times.

You have your data in the cloud? Hmm ... where exactly?

We operate our servers and backup systems in Switzerland at various locations and distribute backups on request to several locations.

- Burglar security ensured?
- What happens with fire?
- Who has access and where is the data exactly?
- How often is backup happening?
- Which medium is used?

What about your infrastructure?


Safety does not just apply to your data. Your IT infrastructure is the Achilles heel of your company. Fire, burglary, vandalism and hardware errors can cause lasting damage to your company.

Maybe your server is better off in an external data center?

Can you afford a failure? In the worst case, a complete data loss?

Server Housing

Does your server necessarily have to be operated in your own company ?

What about you physical data security?

Is your data and server secure enough against burglary and fire? Is really important data not better off in a professional environment?

What about my physical data security?


Is your data and server enough secured against burglary and fire?

Why do not you use our infrastructure and outsource your most important hardware and data to our vault?

Professional security does not have to be expensive!

Why not operating a virtual office?


Why not use a virtual office? You can work anywhere and access your virtual PC whenever you want. All Office applications are provided. You can configure 'your' PC as you would like it.

Use your device and connect it to our data center and email server. With a virtual desktop you are able to use older machines of different types for years.

Whether PC, laptop or tablet and where ever you are.

Which security level is right for you?


SWISS DATALINK offers you various security levels. In our data center, which is located in a former regional bank, we are able to offer you the right concept. These range from simple security in the bank premises, to a bulletproofed room and up to a location within a vault.

In addition, you can choose options that distribute the data to other secret locations. All data is transmitted exclusively encrypted. On request, your data can be additionally protected with a master password, which only you know. SWISS DATALINK has no access to the data.